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A single person who absolutely ADORES what you do.

They will buy anything and everything you put out, hang on every single tweet you post and share the hell out of your Facebook updates with their friends.

They will argue and defend your product and brand UNTIL DEATH.

They can’t wait to interrupt dinner table conversation just to talk about you and your product.

They even get your logo tattoo’d on themselves.

(Side note: Yes, it was real, a dude did get the Freedom Business logo tattooed on himself – and you’ll learn a very important lesson as to why in this post)

Here’s the big problem when starting out: You REALLY want to start a freedom business but you haven’t got a great idea yet and you have no idea how to find a single customer.

And that’s not even the start of your problems… because every single person, every single day is BOMBARDED with advertising and marketing from all angles.

We are NUMB to it. We don’t see it. We tune out.

As soon as we get a sniff that somebody is trying to sell us something – *poof* we are OUTTA THERE!

Advertising (in the traditional sense) is DEAD.

So what’s the solution?

Is there a solution?

Can anyone really do this freedom business thing?

The answer is YES, YES and YES!

The solution lies in one simple yet very little-known technique – the secret of ONE KEY FAN.

Forget about “targeting a market” like all the old business stuff will tell you.

We don’t live in a collective society anymore. Social media and technology has bought about the age of the INDIVIDUAL therefore you need to TARGET a SINGLE PERSON and make that one person LOVE THE SHIT out of you (yes, very technical terms, I know).

Once that one person loves you so much that they start spreading the word about you, then you have done your job and you can start finding more of the same type of people or better yet, build a community around the same type of people. This community will support you and your business for life.

“Ok, sounds cool – but where’s the proof? and how do I do this?”

One of my freedom businesses is a marketing, branding and advertising agency here in Australia called yep, you guessed it – One Key Fan (logo above).

Here’s the funny part – We don’t even have a proper website up yet. We certainly don’t have an office (yuck), a business telephone number or even a business card.

Whilst all sorts of other companies who do similar work are pouring thousands of dollars into advertising campaigns, we’ve done ZERO promotion and not spent a single cent in advertising or marketing.

It all started back when I did some branding and website work for a business who heard I did good work. For them, I took it to the next level and delivered not just good, but AMAZING work.

I cared for them and their purpose. I loved the vision of their business and I listened deeply to what they wanted. I even called them up randomly just to see how their business was going.

How could I afford to do this?

In true “freedom business” style – My outsource team was doing all the actual hands on work. So whilst i’m chilling at my favourite cafe reading a book, I thought I might as well give them a call.

That person was so pleased with the work and love they got from me that they told a few others (business owners tend to hang out with other business owners). Within one week the One Key Fan business snowballed so much I had to start declining work! There was too much to handle.

HERE’S A HOT TIP: ***People buy stuff from PEOPLE not BRANDS.***

Even though this was technically a company that I was doing this work for, it was the PEOPLE behind the company (specifically the owner/decision maker) that
decided to buy my stuff.

The way to beat the regular advertising and marketing game is to NOT DO ANY ADVERTISING AND MARKETING AT ALL – *gasp!*

It all comes down to this: If you can’t get one person to love what you do and spread the word then you’re dead before you’ve even begun. You will be constantly fighting an uphill battle.

As the old saying goes, “You can’t polish a turd” (it’s still a turd).

Ok. Let’s get down to business here. Are you ready?

How do YOU find your business idea (hidden inside your One Key Fan) and sell your very first product or service?

The Golden “One Key Fan Formula” To Getting Your First Business Idea And Sale:

1. Determine Who Exactly You Want To Make Amazing Stuff For, Or Help?

If you’re just starting out, the VERY FIRST thing you need to do is decide WHO you want to create or find a product or service for.

Most people make the FATAL mistake of thinking of the product or service first, then try to match it with a market. Not you though.

You are going to find someone that YOU REALLY WANT TO make something awesome for.

Who do you want to see a smile on the face of? Who do you want to take pride in your work?

I’ve started businesses based solely on the fact I knew there was money in that area, neglecting the fact that I really disliked the people in that market. Bad move.
I ended up hating life dealing with people I thought sucked and didn’t vibe with my personality at all. Sure I was making money, but I had to talk to and deal with rude, annoying people.

See the thing is, in order to have a successful long term freedom business – you have to be prepared to BLEED for your One Key Fan.

There’s no “dipping your toe in the water” here. If you want authentic, true, die-hard One Key Fan’s – you’re going to have to be authentic, true and die-hard to their cause as well.

You have to be prepared to GIVE more than you get. You have to add love and caring yet be fiercely passionate and fight for your One Key Fan’s success in the world.

So step 1 is deciding exactly who you want to bleed for. It’s the most important step.

2. What Is This One Persons Deepest Frustrations And Desires?

Everyone is frustrated with something – Business owners need more customers, health-nuts need a faster way to burn fat and lonely men need a girlfriend.

If you can tap into what your One Key Fan’s deepest fears, frustrations and desires are then you have struck a literal goldmine.

The idea is that you come along like their knight in shining armour with a gift of a product or service that fixes whatever ails them.

3. What Is This Persons Unique Language? What Does Their Daily Life Look Like?

This is essential knowledge.

In order to build a website or a product that resonates with that person you need to know what language they speak. For example, business owners might use terminology like “return on investment” or “conversion rate”.

Every group in society has it’s own language and way of speaking.

To connect with your One Key Fan you’re also going to need to know what their daily life looks like – specifically: WHERE THEY LIKE TO HANG OUT.

Ask yourself this question: Where does my One Key Fan hang out BEFORE he needs me?

A fantastic way to do this research is to look at blogs or forums that you think your One Key Fan may hang out in. Do a search and pay attention for threads that start with “HELP ME…”.

4. The Mission: Find And Have Coffee With A ONE KEY FAN In REAL LIFE

If you are really going to crush it with your freedom business, you’re going to have to leave your house and get out there in the real world.

You may decided to chat to a potential One Key Fan on a forum, then (as long as they aren’t super creeps, which shouldn’t be your target One Key Fan anyway) invite them
to a public place for a quick coffee.

You’re doing this to get to know your One Key Fan on a HUMAN LEVEL.

Ask them questions and be EMPATHETIC. Remember you CHOSE these people to make something amazing for, so FIND OUT EVERYTHING ABOUT THEM.

Specifically ask: What’s your biggest frustration right now? and What do you think could help solve the problem you have?

This will give you THE golden insight and valuable knowledge to start building a product or service around.

Another example would be if you decided to target clothing store owners. Walk in, have a chat to the owner and say you are doing some research for a project and if you could
ask them a few questions.

5. Build A One Key Fan Profile

So you have chosen WHO you want to do amazing stuff for, you’ve found out where they hang out and what sort of language they use AND you have had a coffee and connected with this type of person in real life.

Now it’s time to build their profile.

Create a real-life name for your One Key Fan. List personality traits. List their frustrations and desires. List their age, marital status and any other relevant details.

Now here’s the secret: every singe thing you do – from website sales copy, to product building, to advertising – needs to TALK DIRECTLY TO THAT ONE KEY FAN and NOBODY ELSE.

You don’t want to be everything to everybody (that NEVER works and leaves your business unfocused and diluted in power). You want to be EVERYTHING to SOMEBODY.

6. Create A Personality (aka Brand) That Connects To This One Key Fan And Delivers Exactly What He Or She Needs

Brand and Branding are just fancy words for saying “personality”.

Remember – people buy stuff from people so the more human you can be, the better. This is why we learn the language of our One Key Fans.

To sum it all up: BE REAL.

As stated above – your logo, your website, your product or service, the way you speak to your prospects and customers and every single thing you do inside your business should talk directly to the HEART of your One Key Fan.

The product and all it’s components comes from your One Key Fan research.

Most businesses FAIL because the try to shove a product at the the market instead of building one FOR the market.

Ever had someone talk AT you rather than TO you? Same thing.


IF you can find ONE person in this way, connect with their fears/desires and build something (or find an existing solution) to their problems, then how can your business not be successful?

IF you can deliver this processes successfully to one person – you can then find MANY of the same people using the internet or let your One Key Fan’s spread the word organically about you.

This is the real game changer for the new world of business. Neglect these steps at your own peril!

Here’s me doing a Freedom Business session with some of the Secret Society Mastermind crew today.

This technique/philosophy is something they use every day to rake in new sales in their own freedom businesses. The guys in the Secret Society Mastermind who are really killing it are following this process EXACTLY.

As you can tell in my case. I’m prepared to bleed and die for what I believe in here at Freedom Business.

I don’t consider myself the “be all and end all guru” of all this. Or even the expert. But it’s something that i’ve DONE and tested in THE REAL WORLD.

This is stuff I use every day in my own freedom businesses.

This One Key Fan concept was built out of my many business failures and successes. I know that if I follow the principles outlined in this post, I give myself the greatest chance of success.

If you liked this post all I ask is you please tweet it/like it/stumble upon the hell out of it using the buttons below.

And of course, please post some comments/questions and i’ll answer them.

Stay classy… And go get your One Key Fan and report back the results!


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