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The World You Desired Is Real
It’s really hard for me to tell you this today, but it’s the truth and it will come out sooner or later: I have a disease. 

Worst part – Chances are you are infected too.

I’ve just turned 30 and after spending the majority of my career learning, mastering, then teaching valuable skills to others (including how to get girls and how to get money)…

I’ve dealt with and luckily been diagnosed/cured (multiple times) with this most violently aggressive disease on the face of the earth.

Steven Pressfield in his epic book ‘The War Of Art’ calls it “The Resistance”…


and it’s incredibly debilitating.

The Ultimate Premise:

This is your life. Not mine. Not your partners or your parents or your families. It’s YOURS.

It’s a movie. YOU get to choose how it goes down and YOU write the script – anything else is BULLSHITTERY.

Will it be a Drama?
Heartbreak Story?

Or an epic Action/Adventure?

It’s YOUR choice and YOUR goals, dreams and desires that form YOUR movie script.

Never in the history of the human evolution has there been a better opportunity to get what you really want right now.

Want to tell your boss to f*$k off so you travel around Asia and Europe for 3 years straight? No worries.

Wanna buy expensive cars, clothes and get bottle service in Vegas for a month? It’s yours.

Wanna save/change the world? It’s for you to do as well if you want.

When your sister can’t afford the best band in Australia to play at her wedding – wanna jump in and make it happen for her? You can do that too (true story).

What’s the one thing that’s going to allow you to do all this?: Money.

Anything else is pure BULLSHITTERY.

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Tim’s Note: Let’s face it. Things are going to go wrong. This is part of the investment cost of living this Freedom Business life. This post today is by Kable who for the past couple of years with the Secret Society Mastermind, has built his business up to be a very successful company here in Melbourne to fund his Freedom, Fun, Adventure lifestyle.

He currently mentors our members and we meet every wednesday for breakfast and this post was the result of one of these discussions at breakfast.

If you’re in the trenches, this is the post for you.


Okay, so here at Freedom Business, we focus on making awesome stuff happen… Awesome stuff in life, awesome stuff in business.

We’re always pushing for personal growth, pushing to make our lives amazing. Building cool little businesses that help others, and let us lead a Freedom, Fun and Adventure lifestyle.

But the reality is, sometimes things go wrong. Sometimes you make a mistake.

Sometimes, things go bad, and it’s completely your fault.

Recently, I messed up really bad in my business. It was the first time.

I really let one of my clients down. They were really upset, and rightly so.

I felt terrible.

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“Waking up Freedom Style in San Jose, Costa Rica”

Hey how’s things with you?

I’m in Costa Rica and simultaneously happy, yet super PISSED OFF.

Have you ever had a vision of your ultimate, greatest, amazing lifestyle – and seeing EXACTLY how to get there – but not having enough time in the day to piece it all together as fast as you’d like?

It’s pure exhilaration and pure frustration all at the same time.

Instead of boring days of doom, drudging along at a snails pace, filled with endless tasks and suckiness… I HATE going to bed and having to sleep because I just want to pour myself into more work… I can almost taste the finish line, and yet it’s still so far away. Arrrghhh.

In this little post of glory you are going to learn one small, but magical technique of goal setting that TOTALLY shifted all my goals for next year (and I bet will shift yours too). This one shift, coming from a very private, yet mega successful multi-millionaire – will flip your days from the usual grind, to being SUPERCHARGED and FULL OF LIFE within a matter of minutes.

I’ll also include some of my favourite little pictures from my travels in Freedom Business land over the last 7 months.

Let’s get into it…

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Hey hope you have been excellent!

A short little message this week coming to you live from the Dominican Republic. I’ve just spent the last six months or so travelling the world to exotic locations like the Dominican Republic and wanted to share with you an insight I had.

One of my first freedom businesses that I sold was an iPhone application building business and the fundamentals were this:

1. Find a One Key Fan (in this case, businesses who wanted iPhone applications) as I observed more and more businesses wanting to ride the app wave

2. Outsource the entire process (designer in singapore, coder in india)

Using: and

3. Be the go to guy to consult them in the design and functionality

There are secret society mastermind members running iPhone app businesses successfully right now.

For this I used a simple landing page and drove traffic from google adwords.

But here’s the thing. As I was building this business and getting it off the ground, i’d feel agitated that I wasn’t enjoying life and travelling and doing cool things like i’d see on my friends facebook feeds.

The Daily Saviour: Wherever you go, There you are


Wherever You Go There You Are – Jon Kabat-Zinn

This book has been something I read each year as a reminder to have the right mindset as I attack each day.

I hope it is as helpful to you as it is to me.

If you’ve read the book or have any questions for this or next weeks freedom tv please post it below!

Timothy Marc

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Welcome to the second episode of Freedom TV from Paris, France!

Today we cover a very important question from Dave…

“My girlfriend is talking about her quitting her “dayjob of doom” (haha love that phrase) after Christmas. She aspires to become an author, selling novels – I think now easier than ever to do freedom business style with Kindles and Blurb and all that! But she is skeptical of the ‘too good to be true’ and ‘hype’ vibe from books about like 4HWW, and that Freedom Business Blog only shows guys doing this. So I would love it if FTV showed as much variety as possible in people with a freedom business and was down to earth: along with showing the people who are in a stage of “success,” also show people in “failure” stages too. I am very process focused so I don’t evaluate things in those terms, but my girlfriend is worried by the potential of ‘failing’ at getting out of the employee world, and then be really disadvantaged going back into it. I also hope you can reveal when the next course is opening!”

- Dave

Watch the episode for all the action and answers.

Freedom Tip: How To Never Have A Phone Bill EVER again

As discussed in this weeks video, I lost my iPhone and picked up an iPod touch 5th gen as a replacement, thus cutting out the sim card/carrier and relying solely on wifi hotspots in cafes, hotels and most peoples houses.

The touch is also REALLY slim. A lot of people ask “Ohh what phone is that? it’s amazing”.

I use a

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SKYPE NUMBER for people to call me and for me to call out and also iMessage/Viber for texting friends.

So far this has not failed me at all. I even enjoy not being connected 24/7 especially when travelling.

To be honest i’ll probably go back to getting a sim when I return home to Melbourne but this solution has been outstanding.

Links for this episode:

Mick and Bobbes YouTube channel

Secret Society Member C.J’s Kickstarter Project

As always if you want to see your question answered on the show – please post it below!

Stay free.


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